Guitar Speaker by Amplifier, Size, and OHM Rating

Guitar Speaker Guide by Size, OHM Rating, and Amplifier

This guide covers guitar speakers by the amplifier brand, size, and OHM rating. This list is for guitar amplifier combos only and not for external speaker boxes. Have you ever wondered what speaker is in your guitar amplifier? Odds are you’ll find it below.

Putting this list together took a long, long time.  If it was helpful, please share the post online or tag your friends if they need information about guitar speakers. If something is missing from the list, please let me know in the comments section.

The reason I wanted to put this guitar amplifier speaker size and ohm rating list together is that there is no other resource like it online.  Use the browser search function to find the amplifier brand or model.  This amplifier guitar speaker list was put together by going through user-manuals and checking the official websites for each brand.  None of this information is a combination of data from third-party guitar forums.

This list is accurate, but I encourage you to double-check by inspecting your guitar amplifier or user manual as some models may vary.

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Before Changing a Guitar Speaker

If you are considering changing speakers check out my guide on how to choose the perfect replacement speaker.  It will help you get the correct replacement speaker the first time.

(Last updated September 18, 2019)

Fender Guitar Amplifier Combos Speaker Guide

Fender Speaker List by Size and ohms Rating
Fender amplifiers on Sweetwater

This list pertains to all stock speakers and ratings found in Fender amplifiers.

Fender AmplifierSpeaker SizeSpeaker OHM Rating
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (all versions)12"8 OHMS
Fender Blues Deluxe12"8 OHMS
Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb12"8 OHMS
Fender Deluxe Reverb Tone Master12"8 OHMS
Fender Twin Tone Master12"4 OHMS
Fender Princeton 65 Reissue10"8 OHMS
Fender Super-Reverb 65 Reissue10"2 OHMS
Fender '59 Bassman Reissue10"2 OHMS
Fender Super-Sonic 2212"8 OHMS
Fender Super-Sonic 6012"8 OHMS
Fender Mustang 3 V212"8 OHMS
Fender Mustang IV V212"8 OHMS
Fender Mustang GT-10012"4 OHMS
Fender Mustang GT-20012"4 OHMS
Fender Bassbreaker 30R12"8 OHMS
Fender Bassbreaker 4512"8 OHMS
Fender Bassbreaker 1512"8 OHMS
Fender Champion 100 XL112"4 OHMS
Fender Champion 50 XL12"8 OHMS
Fender Champion 208"8 OHMS
Fender Champion 4012"8 OHMS
Fender Champion 10012"8 OHMS
Fender '65 Twin Reverb12"4 OHMS
Fender GB Twin Reverb12"4 OHMS
Fender '62 Princeton Chris Stapelton Edition12"NOT LISTED
Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb12"8 OHMS
Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb12"8 OHMS
Fender '68 Custom Twin Reverb12"4 OHMS
Fender '68 Vibrolux Reverb10"4 OHMS
Marshall Amplifiers
Marshall amps on Sweetwater

Marshall Amplifier Combos Speaker Guide

Please note this list is all referring to the default speaker in each amplifier.  Some Marshall amplifiers have multiple OHM outputs you can connect different speakers to.  Check out my Marshall Speaker Guide, for example.

Marshall AmplifierSpeaker SizeSpeaker OHM Rating
Marshall DSL20 (DSLCR / DSLC)12″16 OHMS
Marshall DSL40 (DSLCR / DSLC)12″16 OHMS
Marshall DSL5 (DSL5C)10″16 OHMS
Marshall DSL1 (DSL1C)8″16 OHMS
Marshall Origin 58″16 OHMS
Marshall Origin 20C10″16 OHMS
Marshall Origin 50C12″16 OHMS
Marshall Studio Classic SC20C10″16 OHMS
Marshall Studio Classic SV20C10″16 OHMS
Marshall Studio Classic 2525C12″16 OHMS
Marshall Studio Classic SC20C10″16 OHMS
Marshall Studio Classic SV20C10″16 OHMS
Marshall Studio Classic 2525C12″16 OHMS
Marshall Code25 (Code 25)10″4 OHMS
Marshall Code50 (Code 50)12″4 OHMS
Marshall Code100 (Code 100)12″4 OHMS
Marshall JVM410C12″16 OHMS
Marshall JVM205C12″16 OHMS
Marshall JVM210C12″16 OHMS
Marshall JVM215C12″8 OHMS
Marshall MG30FX10″4 OHMS

Vox Speaker Guide by size, amplifier, and ohms

VOX Amplifiers on Sweetwater

VOX Guitar Amplifier Speaker Guide

have listed all of the VOX amplifiers I could find with speaker size and ohms information.  If you are considering replacing a speaker for a VOX amplifier, this list is for you.

Vox AmplifierSpeaker SizeSpeaker OHM Rating
VOX AC10C1-VS Limited Edition10"16 OHMS
VOX AC15 Custom (AC15C1 / AC15C1X)12"16 OHMS
VOX AC15 Hand-Wired12"8 OHMS
VOX AC30 Custom12"8 OHMS
VOX AC30 Hand-Wired12"8 OHMS
VOX AC4C1-1212"16 OHMS
VOX AC30S1 (1x12 Vox AC30)12"16 OHMS

Peavey Guitar Amplifier Speaker Guide

Peavey Amplifier Speaker and OHM rating list
Peavey Amplifiers on Sweetwater

If you own a Peavey amplifier, the following list applies to you.  This list will cover the solid-state, modeling, and tube amplifiers.  Each amplifier has speaker size and ohm rating listed below.  Many of the Classic and Delta Blues series of amplifiers can be switched from 4, 8, or 16 OHMs or have the optional output.  The list reflects the standard settings and speaker loaded in the amplifiers.

Some of the peavey amplifiers have 8-ohm speakers working together at 16 OHMs.  This OHM rating reflects the output rating of the amplifier as connected by the speaker jack.

For those of you that own a Peavey Bandit, check out my list for the best Peavey Bandit Speakers.

Peavey AmplifierSpeaker SizeSpeaker OHM Rating
Peavey Studio Pro 112 (all versions)12″8 OHMS
Peavey Bandit 112 (all versions)12″8 OHMS
Peavey 6505 Plus12″8 OHMS
Peavey Delta Blues 2×1010″16 OHMS
Peavey Delta Blues 1×1515″16 OHMS
Peavey Classic 50 4×1010″16 OHMS
Peavey Classic 50 2×1212″16 OHMS
Peavey Classic 3012″16 OHMS
Peavey Vyper VIP 212″8 OHMS
Peavey Vyper VIP 312″8 OHMS
Peavey Vyper Pro 10012″16 OHMS
Peavey Envoy10″8 OHMS
Peavey Rage8″4 OHMS
AmplifierSpeaker SizeSpeaker OHM Rating
Peavey Studio Pro 112 (all versions)12″8 OHMS
Peavey Bandit 112 (all versions)12″8 OHMS
Peavey 6505 Plus12″8 OHMS
Peavey Delta Blues 2×1010″16 OHMS
Peavey Delta Blues 1×1515″16 OHMS

Boss Katana 100 MKII Speaker Information

Boss and Roland Guitar Amplifier Speaker Guide

Boss Amplifiers on Sweetwater Roland and Boss guitar amplifiers are some of the best solid-state or digital modeling amps.  These have stood the test of time being great amplifiers.  Those with a Boss Katana 100, I encourage you to check out my best speakers’ buyers guide for a Boss Katana article.

Boss/Roland AmplifierSpeaker SizeSpeaker OHM Rating
Boss Katana 5012″4 OHMS
Boss Katana 100 1×1212″8 OHMS
Boss Katana 100 2×1212″8 OHMS
Boss Katana 50 MKII (MK2)12″4 OHMS
Boss Katana 100 MKII 1×12 (MK2)12″8 OHMS
BOSS Katana 100 2×12 MKII (MK2)12″8 OHMS
Roland Jazz Chorus 4010″4 OHMS (each)
Roland Jazz Chorus 12012″8 OHMS

Mesa Boogie Amplifier Speaker Guide

Mesa Boogie Speaker Information
Mesa Boogie amps on Sweetwater

This list will continue to grow as I add more speakers and brands to the list.  This list below covers all of the current series of Mesa-Boogie combo amplifiers. Mesa Boogie makes some of the best amplifiers on the planet for rock guitarists.

Mesa Boogie AmplifierSpeaker SizeSpeaker OHM Rating
Mesa Boogie Fillmore 2512"8 OHMS
Mesa Boogie Fillmore 5012"8 OHMS
Mesa Boogie Fillmore 10012"8 OHMS
Mesa Boogie California Tweed 4:4012"8 OHMS
Mesa Boogie Mark Five12"8 OHMS
Mesa Boogie Mark Five:3512"8 OHMS

Yorkville Traynor Guitar Amplifier Speaker Guide

If you can’t decide on a replacement speaker for a Yorkville Traynor amplifier, see my recommendations for the Best 5 Yorkville Traynor Replacement Speakers.

Yorkville Amplifier Speaker Guide

Yorkville Traynor AmplifierSpeaker SizeSpeaker OHM Rating
Yorkville Traynor YCV4012"8 OHMS
Yorkville Traynor YC50B12"8 OHMS
Yorkville Traynor YCV20WR12"8 OHMS
Yorkville Traynor YGL212"8 OHMS
Yorkville Traynor YCV80Q10"8 OHMS

Yorkville Traynor amplifiers are made in Canada and are great gigging amplifiers for the working musician.  These are very similar to Fender amplifiers in their functionality, but they do sound quite different.