The 7 Best Speakers for a Vox AC30 Amplifier

The 7 Best Speakers for a Vox AC30 Amplifier

This is a list of the 7 best speakers for a Vox AC30 (2×12) guitar amplifier.  This list applies to the 1×12 combo version of the amplifier only.  The Vox AC30 comes in a few different stock speaker configurations including Alnico Blue and Greenback options.  For those that own a 1×12 Vox AC30, this list can still apply to you.

Each of the stock speakers is very good at replicating the classic Vox sound. This list will be a mix of “classic” Vox tones and “alternative” tones depending on your taste.

If you are new to choosing a guitar speaker I can highly suggest reading my article covering what you need to know before changing speakers. This list is not in any particular order. I will explain each of the speakers and who they are best suited to depending on your situation and tonal choices. Overall, this will give you the tools to find the best speaker for your Vox AC30 amplifier.

Please Note: You should always double-check the speaker rating of your amplifier before doing anything.  All Vox AC30 amplifiers have an output rating of 30-watts and 8ohms per speaker.  Replacement speakers should always be at 30-watts or above and still at 16ohms.  I have a vast list of amplifiers by model and speaker rating on this website as well if you are not sure.  The 1×12″ Vox amplifier combo has a single 16-ohm speaker.


Best Vox AC30 Speakers
The best speakers for a Vox AC30C2



1. Celestion Greenback (25 Watts / 98dB)

The majority of the Vox AC30 amplifiers on the markets ship stocked with Celestion Greenback speakers.  Again, Vox got this right as it is to my ear the best-suited stock speaker for the “Vox sound.”  Best is always subjective, of course. Much like their AC30C2, the Greenback is a great choice for the traditional Vox sound.

What I love about the Celestion Greenback speakers are their chime and strong low-end bass response.  The Greenback also features a very scooped sound in this amplifier that helps add to the classic Vox tone. Where the Celestion Greenback shines is when you have more than one.  You get a far bigger and thicker sound running this classic 2×12″ speaker combination.

The Greenback is rated at 25-watts and has a rated SPL (sound pressure level) of 98dB.  Interestingly enough, the Greenback does not break-up as much as the Alnico blue speaker. To my ear because this appears louder even though it’s 2dB less in its SPL.  Running two of these speakers in your guitar amplifier is fine because the maximum output of the Vox AC30 is 30-watts.

The Greenback is an excellent choice because it captures the classic and bright tones of the Vox while giving you a lovely clean starting platform.  The Greenback speaker also handles the top boost channel of the Vox AC30 with no problems at all.

When I purchased my Vox AC30, I went with the Greenback over the Alnico blue for the sound I wanted, but both are great options.


Celestion Greenback Speaker

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2. Celestion Alnico Blue – (15 Watts / 100dB)

The Celestion Alnico Blue is stock in a Vox AC30C2X model amplifier by default.  These speakers are very different from their Greenback counterparts. There are a few main differences that separate them.  Sound-wise, the Alnico blue has a much thicker tone to it, and it doesn’t have quite as quite the same high frequencies either.  This high-frequency difference is most apparent at louder volumes because of the valve/tube compression.

Even though the Celestion Alnico blue has a power handling 15-watts RMS, it has a maximum sound pressure level of 100dB, making it quite loud.  It’s not as loud as the Eminence Wizard on this list, but it still packs a punch.  What makes this a sought-after speaker is its cone distortion.  Alnico Blue speakers have a lot of character as they start to break up. Guitarists who love the classic Vox Rock tones of the ’70s will get a kick out of the Alnico Blue.

If you want a vintage-sounding speaker that packs a full punch, the Celestion Blue is a great choice.  Alternatively, if you don’t wish to less speaker distortion, this isn’t the best choice.  The speaker also weighs in at 4.2kgs/9.3lbs, so it does add a bit of weight to the Vox AC30.  Vox did a great job choosing this speaker for their amplifiers.

Overall, these speakers are a fantastic option and if you like to use pedals they are also a great option.  These are more expensive than a Greenback but offer one of the most classic tones for any Vox AC30. The Alnico blue is one of the best speakers for a Vox AC30 or AC30C2.

If weight is a concern please choose another speaker on this list


Celestion Alnico Blue Speaker 16 Ohms

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3. Celestion Creamback – (65 Watts / 97dB)

The Celestion Creamback speaker is one of the most popular speakers in the world because it is one of the most articulate speakers in the world.  What this means is you get a very balanced feel and sound throughout the fingerboard.  Many boutique guitar amplifier manufacturers use these speakers because of this definition.

To be honest, I haven’t heard an amplifier that didn’t benefit from this speaker upgrade, including a Vox amplifier.  Much like the Greenback speaker, the Creamback also allows the classic Vox treble with a slightly more mellow feel.  The Celestion Creamback speaker will be the right choice if you want the Vox AC30 to retain the character; it is known for a while also adding something unique.

There’s also a Neodymium version of the Creamback (below) that is an excellent option if you want to make the amplifier quite a lot lighter.  There are some tonal trade-offs between the Neo and the regular speaker, but if it comes down to weight, get the Neo Creamback.

The Creamback is a natural choice for the best guitar speakers for a Vox AC30. If a balanced sound with a sweeter low end is your thing, check out the Creamback below.  There’s also a great Neodymium version that is much lighter and will help lighten the load of the Vox AC30.


The Celestion Creamback - A great speaker for the Vox AC15
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Celestion Neo Creamback speaker for a Vox AC15
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4. Celestion Vintage 30 (60 watts / 100dB)

Yep! A vintage 30 is a solid choice for a Vox AC30.  The Celestion Vintage 30 has a characteristic that works great on the Top Boost channel in particular.  Some argue that a Celestion Vintage 30 has too much treble but I would disagree.  The Vox sound is a bright sound.  For those wanting to tame the treble, you have the “Bright Cut” dial on the top of most AC30 amplifiers.

The Celestion Vintage 30 was made to rock and if you are using your Vox AC30 to play higher gain much with pedals, then the Vintage 30 has you covered.  The V30 shines when it comes to higher gain tones but they don’t quite have the “classic” sound of the Greenback when it comes to the cleaner sounds.

While a Vintage 30 isn’t my favorite speaker of all time, it works great in Vox amp.  I wrote an article about Celestion Vintage 30 speakers and what you should know about them before buying one.  Check it out if you want more information.

A Celestion Vintage 30 is perfect for those running higher gain pedals or who need more headroom from the stock speakers in their AC30.  These speakers will change the character of the amplifier while adding an upper-mid boost to the tone so be forewarned.


Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker

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5. Eminence Wizard (75-watts / 102.8dB)

There’s a lot to love about the Eminence Wizard speaker. The Eminence wizard is one of the top 10 loudest guitar speakers on the market. You can read more about that list by clicking the link to another page on my site.  The Eminence Wizard is a tonal-beast and an absolute loud speaker!  This will make a massive upgrade to your VOX AC30 when it comes to clean headroom.  These are also 4dB louder than the Greenback which is bordering 2x louder in reality!

While the Eminence Wizard is a modern speaker, it is very articulate on the high frequencies.  This allows the “Vox character” to shine through while also giving you a more dynamic tone.   Eminence places these in their lineup for lovers of the 60s and 70s rock tones and it’s a perfect choice!

The second advantage is this will retain a lot of the character of the vox amplifier while also increasing the low end.  Eminence considers this to be a “tight” bottom end, but I think it adds a lot more to the bass than the Greenback, for example.

One thing to point out is the Eminence Wizard weighs 5.67kgz or 12.5lbs.  The Eminence Wizard is by no means the lightest option out there.  The tonal trade-offs will “outweigh” the extra weight (pun intended).

If your goal is to tame the high-end, please choose the Texas Heat.  If you want a more efficient speaker with maximum output that still sounds great, the Wizard is a massive upgrade.


The Best Vox AC30 Speaker - The Eminence Wizard 16ohm Speaker

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6. Celestion G12H Redback Speaker (150-watts 100dB)

The Celestion Redback is perhaps the best of the lesser-known speakers from Celestion.  The Redback is rated at 150-watts and has a sensitivity level of 100dB.  The Celestion Redback is a great match for the Vox AC30 amplifier.

This speaker has a lot of clean headroom and has a sweet steely overtone that is perfect for a Vox amplifier while also giving it more attitude. The bass response never gets excessive, which is why this speaker works well in a Vox amplifier.  The treble frequencies are attenuated slightly compared with a Greenback, but this is also part of its character.

The only slight downside is the Celestion Redback G12H-150 will add extra weight to the amplifier.  This speaker comes in at 10.4lbs, so it’s not the lightest speaker in the World.  For those wanting to keep the weight down, I would suggest checking out my guide for the lightest guitar speakers on the planet. In my testing, the Celestion Redback G12H-150 is my favorite speaker for a Vox based on my testing.  While this is technically a “British” tone, you won’t find any of the ice-pick treble frequencies in the voicing of this speaker.  The Redback is the sleeper of the list that people don’t talk enough about.


Celestion Redback - The Best Speaker for a Deluxe Reverb Amplifier

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7. The Celestion V-Type Speaker (50-Watts \ 98db)

This great-sounding English-voiced speaker can be pre-installed in many quality guitar amplifiers.  Brands like Marshall, PRS, and Fender use these as stock speakers in many of their models, so how about Vox? A V-Type speaker is an affordable option to the regular Greenback or Alnico Blue.

The first thing to love about this speaker is the price. It comes in at only $99 and has some of the nicest guitar tones out there. It has a nice low end and a top-end that will help keep the character of the Vox amplifier intact. For those looking for a classic English speaker without the price-tag, this is a great option.

The Celestion V-Type speaker can easily handle the 30-watts of the Vox AC30. You could easily run a V-Type and Celestions’ A-Type in a Vox AC30 if you want to get a great mix of tones.

While this is an inexpensive replacement speaker alternative, there is no compromise on tone.  Guitarists who like a lot of attitude in their Vox AC30 amplifiers will get a kick out of this high headroom speaker.


The Celestion A-Type for a Deluxe Reverb Reissue
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