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About the Author

Welcome to guitarspeakerguide.com.  Here’s a little bit of information about me and why I put this website together.

My name is Shane and I have produced over 2500 guitar-related videos on YouTube since 2006. Over the years, I have owned and tested hundreds of amplifiers, guitars, pedals, and speakers.

In the last 15 years, I have produced many albums for local and overseas artists that have had airplay and ranked in the blues/roots charts. Being a guitarist, I am very fussy when it comes to having a great guitar tone.

One of the main differences between what I do and a lot of other online content creators is I also play live. I have done hundreds of gigs in Australia and also in the United States. I’ve used so many amplifiers and speakers out in a live and studio situation and this website reflects my experience in its entirety.

The Reason for this Website

The main reason I wanted to build this website was to cover all of the frequently asked questions regarding guitar speakers.  Guitar speakers are the single best upgrade you can make to any guitar amplifier.  It will change the sound more drastically than any other modification and usually for the better

Guitar speaker guide is a plethora of speaker and amplifier knowledge laid out in easy to understand language and terms. Whether you need to know how to change a speaker or which speaker to buy, this website will help you work this out.

If you are new to this website I highly suggest checking out my How to Choose a Guitar Amplifier Speaker post to get you started.  This post will answer many of the frequently asked questions regarding speakers and what you need to know before you do anything.

My Other Websites

I have also written many reviews for websites such as Guitar Gear Help Guides & Reviews and Guitar Effects World I have been adding quality content on the web as well as on my main YouTube channel called intheblues since 2006.

About the Author
About Me: I am a left-handed guitarist but don’t hold that against me!